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Positive Self Talk & The Subconscious Mind

Positive Self-Talk & The Subconscious Mind

By Cathy Bracken

Self talk is what we say to ourselves, about ourselves on a regular basis. It’s a thought stream or thought pattern that talks to us in the first or second person. It’s not an audible conversation others can hear, which is why self-talk itself has such a powerful effect on how we think and feel. It’s an inner voice that either helps or harms us. The great news is that we can consciously decide what it does.

I define Self-talk as any thought, intention, or feeling for which, you attach the words I or I am. These I and I AM statements define us as individuals. Any statement we add I or I AM to, WE empower to affect us. These statements sound truthful, they feel personal and they’re seem automatic. Because of this, we often just accept those thoughts about ourselves, without questioning or challenging them. We should only permit the automatic free- flow of thoughts that are beneficial to us. Adding the power of I or I AM to a negative thought, limits and hinders us. We can increase the frequency, momentum, and impact of positive thought forms, but we must first identify, disempower, and eliminate the negative thoughts.

It is extremely important WHAT we tell ourselves, about WHO we are, in relation to our self-image, both positive and negative. It’s also important that the persona that we project, to the outside world is a mirror reflection of the real person we are inside and not a projected facade. This ideal congruency manifest when what you’re thinking and feeling about yourself on the inside is being authentically expressed thru our interactions with the world around us.

So, is your self-talk positive and empowering? Or is it negative and condemning? What we think and say about ourselves carries the power to help or hinder us in every area of our life. Developing a conscious awareness of our thoughts is paramount to us successfully improving what we automatically say TO, and ABOUT ourselves.

There Must Be An Agreement of The Minds

Did you know that your intentions (Conscious mind) must match your beliefs (Subconscious mind), or you will experience resistance? Your conscious and subconscious minds must agree! Until the two minds agree, failure is inevitable.

You can never sustain a positive conscious mindset, with a negative subconscious program running.

An erroneous belief about yourself, must be identified for deletion and then replaced with a belief that supports and positively empowers you. You replace the belief by repetition. You literally have to practice saying, doing and being the thing you want until the subconscious mind is reprogrammed (Accepts it as true). When your subconscious mind is successfully reprogrammed (new belief established), you will experience permanent change in thoughts, feelings, actions, and circumstances!

Do not accept negative self-talk projections from other people. Don't allow yourself to be negatively programmed by others. You have to tell people, to keep it positive or keep it moving! Only welcome positive honest feedback and correction. And don’t ever internalize and personalize a criticism with am I or I AM. Only affirm to yourself what you want to do, be and have. This takes focus and practice, but anyone can do it.

Repeat It Until You Believe It

When the effect of your positive self-talk persistence and practice kicks in, you will be able to set a new course for your life and have the confidence to know you’re in control effortlessly. Remember that positive self-talk allows you to be in conscious control of your thoughts, actions, and emotions. Through positive self-talk, you can explore and expand your abilities, gifts, and talents. Positive self talk increases your capacity and desire to create the kind of life you want. By universal law, your thoughts, words, and intentions are seeds that bear fruit of an exact nature. So, start telling the best story about yourself... to yourself... all the time, until your subconscious mind believes it! Repetition is the key.

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