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Welcome to the Proper Advantage Personal & Professional Coach and Training boutique consulting company. I am a personal development coach, trainer and image consultant who is passionate about all things personal development.


My Education & Background
I have over 35 years of combined traditional and specialized education, training, and experience in various fields, including business administration, cosmetology, fitness, health & wellness, life and relationship coaching, curriculum development, and online course building. I am a small business owner and professional for over 25 years, a mom to five amazing adult children, and a health & fitness enthusiast.

Statement of Gratitude

I am grateful for the opportunity to impact lives with the Proper Advantage brand of transformational personal development training, coaching, and consulting. I hope you enjoy our courses, products and services... and I look forward to working with many of you!


Be inspired to feel empowered!

With much love and gratitude,

Cathy Bracken

Founder, PD Practitioner, Coach, Trainer & Consultant

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