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I started my boutique personal development coaching and training practice to educate, coach and train clients in the multifaceted protocols of transformational personalized self-improvement, an impactful self-image and positive interpersonal relationships.

​​My brand of coaching and training helps my clients discover, embody and project their highest ideal of professionalism, success, confidence and fulfillment by positively improving their self-image, personal power and mindset. I will provide the guidance, instructions and encouragement. Your job is to bring a positive attitude, a commitment to do the work and a determination to excel. Together, we'll discover the most attractive and confident version of yourself...and the best benefit is that even the hard work of this process is quite enjoyable.


​I am intensely passionate about, "all things personal development".  Expanding awareness and encouraging the application of personal growth principles for a happier, more fulfilling life experience is what I was born to do. I teach on a variety of self-improvement topics like professionalism, soft skills, etiquette, presentation, effective communication, confidence & self-esteem, social intelligence, positive mindset, law of attraction, relationships, health & wellness.

​​My mission as a personal development, life and relationship coach is to facilitate personal and professional transformation to aid in the attraction of positive experiences and opportunities. To empower, inspire and equip my clients with the knowledge and success tools that lead to empowerment, benefit, profit or gain.  To assist in the conscious expansion of positive and effective behavior modification for lasting success and personal happiness.  To make a lasting, positive impact on my client's quality of life.

With over 40 years of education, training and life experience, I bring a wealth of time-tested information as well as relevant application of both classic and modern day personal development and personal improvement principles, concepts, strategies and practices to my programs, publications and services. I am a certified life, etiquette and relationship coach as well as a licensed beauty and wellness professional. I must admit that my greatest accomplishment in life has been parenting my five children, who are all now amazing adults.

​I offer coaching, online courses, and training workshops to provide my clients with a comprehensive interactive learning experience to better assist them in their quest of achieving the self-improvement success and personal transformation they desire and deserve.  Thank you in advance for allowing me to impact your lives with the Proper Advantage brand of transformational personal development training, supportive coaching and image consulting.


Be Inspired to Feel Empowered!

With Much Love & Gratitude!!

Coach Cathy

Cathy Bracken, Founder

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