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Mission & Vision

The Proper Advantage brand of coaching and training helps clients discover, embody and project their highest ideal of professionalism, success, confidence and fulfillment by positively improving their self-image, personal power and mindset.

We will provide the guidance, instructions and encouragement. Your job is to bring a positive attitude, a commitment to do the work and a determination to excel. Together, we'll discover the most positive and confident version of yourself...and the best benefit is that even the hard work of this process is quite enjoyable.

We offer coaching, online courses, and training workshops to provide our clients with a comprehensive interactive learning experience to better assist them in their quest of achieving the self-improvement success and personal transformation they desire and deserve.


To inspire, educate and motivate clients to achieve their personal best transformation through personal development soft skills training, success mindset education, self-mastery concepts, specialized program instruction, and personalized coaching services.


To make a lasting positive impact on our beautiful world, one amazing person at a time through the specialized education and support we offer.

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