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Getting To Your Gratitude Place

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Experience the Amazing Transformation Practicing Gratitude Avails

Gratitude is a happy and beneficial frame of mind that is both positive and attractive to others and the universe. It’s both an amazing emotion and feeling. It carries with it a high vibrational frequency paramount to the master emotion of love and other feelings like joy, peace, appreciation, enthusiasm, and excitement. Gratitude derives its expression from thoughts of abundance, over-flow, fullness and fulfillment. It carries such strong vibrational thought and feeling energy, that it’s considered the power starter step in the process of conscious and unconscious manifesting.

GRATITUDE is Supernatural

In our natural existence, we are subject to the perceived constraints of time, space, and distance, as well as the concepts of ego judgements, like good and evil, or right and wrong. In our mental world, we can supersede the natural realities and concepts of ego judgements by the power of thought, word, and feeling. Gratitude, like Love, can find full expression in thoughts, words and feelings thus, superseding natural constraints and ego judgements. I guess you can say, it’s SUPER-natural!

Gratitude: A Sacred Expression of Love

Getting to your Gratitude Place is about feeling grateful, thankful, fortunate, blessed, and abundant. All of those feelings are good for your spirit, mind, and physical body. In your Gratitude Place you experience peace and contentment in the now. I like to call gratitude a sacred expression of Love. Gratitude is the language of the enlightened soul. It connects us intimately to the Divine Mind, Healing presence and Creation power of GOD.

Gratitude and Good Vibes

As energetic beings, our thoughts, feelings, and emotions create vibrational frequencies that affect our seen and unseen existences. In the place of gratitude, there is no negativity, fear, lack, anxiety, or sickness. Gratitude attracts circumstances and occurrences that effortlessly produce more thoughts and feelings of gratitude. Like emotions and feelings attract like emotions and feelings. It’s a quick way to increase your vibration in the now, and the most effective way of improving your mood at any time.

Start Your Journey to Your Gratitude Place

Gratitude is a very powerful magnet for more of what you want in your life. There are many ways to get to your Gratitude Place. I have found that by doing the following things daily, I experience my Gratitude Place as a way of life. I am happier, more joyful, more peaceful, and more optimistic, with an almost effortless confident expectation of good!

1. Meditate (Feel)

Learn to practice the art of being in the NOW. Clear and calm your mind thru daily morning or bedtime meditation and prayer. For a form of meditation on the go, an easy practice to employ, is that of shifting your thoughts when you notice that you’re feeling bad, sad, negative, fearful or anxious. Shifting your thoughts is effective because, your feelings follow your conscious and subconscious thoughts. By becoming aware of what you’re thinking about, you can on purpose, focus your thoughts on things you are thankful and grateful for. This will begin to create a mental release valve for negativity, allowing you to increase your vibratory frequency at will.

2. I AM Affirmations (Think)

Practice I AM Affirmations several times a day REGARDLESS of your feelings like: I AM Love, I AM Joyful, I AM Peace, I AM abundance, I AM Gratitude, I AM Thankfulness. I AM activates your GOD power within. Repeated verbal and mental affirmations train and program the subconscious mind. This will cause your mind and body to vibrate at the frequency of gratitude automatically over time.

3. Talk Gratitude (Speak)

Speak words of Gratitude to yourself and others, with statements like: “Thank you”, “I appreciate you”, “You know, I’m so grateful you did or said that”. Positive Self-Talk will reinforce the mental and emotional building blocks of Gratitude. Tell yourself loving and supportive things like: “Good job!”, “I am so awesome!”.

Just Do It

Practicing gratitude is energetic dynamite. You can unleash an explosion of positive desirable outcomes in your life today and every day with a daily habit of focused gratitude for all the things in your life. In the process of manifesting the life you want, gratitude is primary and necessary, because it changes more than circumstances, it changes you.

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