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Become A High Value Woman

Welcome to the Proper Advantage High Value Woman Elite Signature training and coaching program for women! Our specialized online personal development courses and customized high-performance coaching services are designed to help every woman command respect and admiration from everyone around her while exuding all the qualities unique to a high value woman.

Our High Value Woman charm school training and coaching program is a comprehensive, traditional finishing school femininity training program, that will help you develop a high value woman mindset, improve your communication and etiquette skills, develop an attractive feminine presence and learn how to stand out in any social setting. Whether you're a homemaker, career woman, or student, and regardless of your age or marital status, we believe that every woman should have this kind of life transforming experience. 


In today's modern world, becoming a high value woman requires unique specialized training and guidance. Our program is classic and time-tested, and with our help you can reach your personal improvement goals while enjoying the positive, validating feedback every woman craves, appreciates and deserves. If you've always wanted to experience real life-changing, wow-factor transformation this program is for you!

This training will help you:​

  • Develop a high value woman mindset.

  • Improve your communication and social skills.

  • Learn how to stand out in any social setting.

  • Develop a winning personality.

  • Learn traditional social graces, charm & etiquette skills.

  • Learn elegant presentation, poise and graciousness.

  • Improve your professionalism and soft skills.

  • Improve and develop confidence and high self-esteem.

  • Enhance your personal image and attractiveness.

  • Create a personal fashion style for success.

  • Learn effective relationship and dating skills

  • And More!

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