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How To Stay Positive In Any Situation

How to Stay Positive in Any Situation By Cathy Bracken

When bad things happen in life it’s the natural unconscious tendency to become fearful. Fearful thinking visualizes the worst-case scenario and creates corresponding feelings of dread, panic, and anxiety. When we are unaware of our thoughts, we tend to flow with those negative feelings giving them preeminence in our reality. We accept the initial report of the situation to our natural senses as true then react with negative thoughts and feelings which reinforces our perceptions. Combating negativity is a battle on three fronts. Those fronts are mental, spiritual, and emotional.

Awareness and positivity are the proper response to bad or undesirable circumstances. We may not have requested the bad thing that has shown up in our life, but we do not have to accept the negative energy that comes with it. We have to learn to be “in a situation”, without the situation being “in us”. This means that when we find ourselves in a bad circumstance, we must remember that the circumstance does not have the power to define and affect us without our permission. Permission can be conscious or unconscious, so stay conscious of your choice and exercise it.

Regardless of the situation, you control your awareness, thoughts, feelings, responses, and reactions. You hold all the power to perceive the situation in a way that serves you or in a way that disserves you. Positivity always serves us. It’s the win-win that’s personally unique to every person. A positive attitude and perspective can change circumstances and outcomes in ways that benefit us and others.

Let’s look at three things to do that will help us stay positive in any situation:

#1 Mindfully Assess the Situation Be slow to react. The situation may be really bad, but you cannot let the circumstance overpower you. Take a moment to think about what’s really happening. If you can resist a negative emotion, do so. Remember that the situation you find yourself in is occurring outside of you. The right responses and answers are within you. Always remember that maintaining a positive perspective helps you feel in control even if the circumstances suggest otherwise.

#2 Maintain a High Vibration Remember the universal principles of energy, vibration, and frequency. You will attract to yourself what you’re vibrationally sending out. Are you anxious and fearful? Or calm and peaceful? Thoughts and feelings are energetic actions that carry vibrational frequencies. Like the action of tuning forks, our thoughts and feelings attract resonating vibrational frequencies of a like kind. Our thoughts and feelings about our circumstances and situations are always sending out a vibrational frequency that will attract situations and circumstances into our reality that will be a vibrational frequency match to the ones we send out. If we consciously choose to think or visualize the best-case scenario and believe that it will manifest, it will. We decide “the what” and the universe decides “the how”.

#3 Remember Situations Are Temporary There’s a popular Persian adage that says, "This too shall pass". This truth reflects on the temporary or transitory nature of a situation or condition. Commit to affirming this adage often in times of trouble or negativity. Use your thoughts and emotions to visualize yourself coming out of a situation or moving on from a circumstance victoriously, unharmed, and greatly benefitted.

Staying positive in any situation requires conscious effort. Positivity is a mental and emotional habit that must be developed. It will happen by osmosis or because we want it to every now and then. We must train ourselves to become positive minded by default. It’ll feel like we’re swimming upstream against the current until we establish a positivity mindset, but it will prove to be a superpower in our life that will amazingly transform us mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The best transformation will occur in the quality of our daily lives.

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